Cotton Bacon

Super Fast Wicking and Perfect Purity

Cotton? Bacon? What could be better? The amazing cotton from Cotton Bacon is put through a rigorous process of purification which removes impurities, oils and pesticides. It is extruded and sold as a long, large piece of cotton so that you’ll have great long strands of cotton for your juice to travel through quickly, leading to the best possible wicking.

Cotton Bacon wicks better than any other material for coil building, and it is absolutely tasteless. You’ll taste nothing but your e-juice flavor when you’re wicking coils with this stuff – whether that flavor is bacon or not is your own personal choice.

Here’s a bit more info about Cotton Bacon, the best wicking material on the market:

  • 35oz (10gram) package.
  • Grown and packaged in Boise, Idaho.
  • 100% Tasteless—no cotton taste, all you get is flavor.
  • Purified in a state-of-the-art GMP certified facility.

Easy to work with for perfect wicking.