Ceramic Tweezers

Tweezers with ceramic tips for perfect coils.

These ceramic tweezers are a game changer for the regular coil-builder. Ever had a coil burst with heat when you accidentally touched the metal while pressing the firing button? With these tweezers made of stainless steel and ending in sturdy ceramic points, that’ll never happen. You can gently squeeze a coil while firing and eliminate shorts or hot legs, producing super tight and even coils. You no longer need to pulse your coil and then squeeze it with your tweezers as quickly as possible before it loses heat.

The ceramic also transfers heat much slower than metal, so you needn’t worry about the tweezers getting too hot. The tips of the tweezers come to a super fine point for precision when working with coils. Ceramic tweezers are a simple but sophisticated tool to put you on your way to coil perfection—a necessity for any serious vaper’s build kit.

Ceramic Tweezer Details:

  • Stainless Steel handles
  • Sharp, strong ceramic tips
  • Thin-tipped for precision