Sub-Ohm Tanks

New Orleans' best selection of sub-ohm tanks for a more powerful vaping experience.

What’s a Sub-Ohm Tank?

Simply put, a sub-ohm tank provides more power than previous generations of tanks. They are just plain more satisfying to vape. They have more flavor, more vapor, customizable airflow, and an overall much more satisfying vape. Being larger tanks, they also hold more e-liquid so you refill less often.

Our Sub-Ohm Tanks

Crescent City Vape’s sub-ohm tanks run the gamut of variety. We have simple tanks that produce great flavor, cloud-chasing beasts, tanks with super convenient top-fill and tanks with every imaginable variety of coil options. Whether you just want to replace cigarettes or you want to maximize your vaping hobby, sub-ohm tanks are the best and easiest option out there. Check out our selection below!

The most powerful tanks on the market for more flavor and more vapor.

The door to mind-blowing flavor and big clouds of vapor is now open to everybody. This revolution in vaping is spearheaded by one product: sub-ohm tanks. What exactly is a sub-ohm tank? And why are vapers so excited about them? We break it all down below, along with an easy comparison chart to find the best sub-ohm tank for you.

The Benefits of Sub-Ohm Vaping

Going from a standard, less powerful e-cigarette to sub-ohm vaping radically changes your experience. But why, exactly, are so many people moving towards sub-ohm tanks?

  • More flavor. Whether your favorite flavor is a rich, bold tobacco or a caramel praline cheesecake, you’ll get a more full-bodied, amplified flavor experience with a sub-ohm tank. This doesn’t mean it’ll be overpowering—if you prefer subtler, more subdued flavors, they’ll still be subtle on a sub-ohm tank, but you’ll simply get more of it.
  • More vapor. Sub-ohm tanks can vaporize your e-liquid much quicker, breaking the liquid particles into vapor rapidly. If you like airflow, you can run your sub-ohm tank at higher wattage (power) and open the airflow up to get huge clouds. These tanks are built with coils that wick rapidly, so even with more heat vaporizing your liquid, as long as you follow the maximum wattage instructions for your coil, your wick will never burn.
  • Customizable airflow. Sub-ohm tanks give you more airflow options. The airflow options range from completely wide-open for a massive lung inhale, or mostly shut off, for a tighter draw. If you’re a sucker for airflow, you can have the vapor rush out like a delicious waterfall. If you’re more of a flavor chaser, you can shut off some of the airflow and vape more discreetly.
  • More throat hit—if you want it. If you’re bold, if you hanker for a harsher hit, sub-ohm tanks will provide it. They push more power into the coil, so a 12mg nicotine e-liquid on a sub-ohm tank will provide a much more intense hit than on a regular tank.
  • Potential to lower your nicotine. Because sub-ohm tanks have much more throat hit, most vapers switch to a lower nicotine level when they move to a sub-ohm tank. This makes it easier to lower your nicotine level as low as 3mg, and eventually move away from nicotine completely, if that’s your goal.

Any tank that keeps you from smoking tobacco is a great tank, but if you want plenty of flavor, vapor, and power, plus more versatility, sub-ohm tanks are the way to go.

Which sub-ohm tank is best for me?

Each sub-ohm tank has its own qualities that make certain tanks better for certain styles of vaping. Which sub-ohm tank is right for you? Stop by any of our Crescent City Vape locations and browse our awesome selection, and we’ll help you find the best sub-ohm tank for your vaping needs.

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