Lush RDA by Wotofo

Swirling Airflow, Huge Clouds

Wotofo continues to produce amazing authentic rebuildable atomizers with the Lush. Six angle-drilled airflow holes force air into a whirl of a cyclone going over and around your coils, producing incredible flavor and clouds for days.

The Lush features a chuff-sized drip tip, plus an adapter for fitting standard 510 drip tips, and includes a stainless steel 510 drip tip. The deck features a super deep juice well, with three-post/four-hole build posts.

All this combined makes the Lush perfect for high-wattage, low resistance vaping, or for flavor builds with the airflow partially closed. Wotofo puts care into its high quality, well-built RDAs.

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  • Angle-drilled airholes, six on each side, provide a cyclone cloud with excellent flavor and vapor
  • Silver-plated copper contact pin for low voltage drop
  • Chuff cap and 510 standard drip tip option
  • Three-post/four-hole posts
  • Deep juice well