Mini Buddha and Buddha Z V2

Ginormous Clouds, Incredible Versatility

The Buddha Mini and the Buddha Z V2 may be the most elegantly simple and versatile drippers on the market right now. They are designed for huge clouds or for a more concentrated flavor vape, with airflow that you can customize with angular vortex-style flow, wide open with a ton of holes, or simple shut off to the desired extent.

A huge juice well, excellent machining quality, and a wide bore delrin (extremely heat-resistant) drip tip means this RDA can provide any type of vape that you like.

The Buddha Z V2 has all these same bells and whistles–but in a 26 millimeter package. That means even more airflow, a huge build deck and juice well, and a size that isn’t messing around.

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Buddha Mini features:

  • 23mm Mini Buddha
  • Square peek insulator
  • Post holes 2.5mm
  • 18 air holes per side
  • Adjustable top air flow control

Buddha Z V2 features:

  • 30mm RDA
  • 304 Stainless Steel
  • 3mm post holes
  • Square Peek/Post Insulator
  • Lip on deck
  • 21 air holes on side
  • 4 top air holes drilled at 45 degree angle
  • Metal AFC
  • 13.2 ID Drip tip