Are you in the mood for some sweet creams or even a decadent pastry? MET4’s line of flavors is sure to satisfy any sweet tooth with their selection of three different dessert flavors. The MET4 team has worked tirelessly to produce a line of quality dessert flavors, now presented in a chubby gorilla 60mL bottle.

The Pacific Sangha, one of their newer blends, is a strawberry with farm fresh dairy milk, a light fruity blend with a heavy mix of cream for a smooth hit. The Golden Ticket, definitely a best-seller here at our shops, is a chocolate milk flavor that tastes exactly like the powdered chocolate milk drink you had as a child. Last but not least, the Fairgrounds is a deep fried cream cake. If you’re in the mood for a rich, bready cream cake dipped in a frier; this juice blend is spot on.



The MET4 line is available in 0, 3, & 6 for just $26.99 and also comes in a 60mL chubby gorilla bottle.

  • Max VG blends
  • 60 mL chubby gorilla bottles
  • Flavors include:
    • Pacific Sangha – a fresh strawberry blend with rich creamy milk.
    • Golden Ticket – your favorite powdered chocolate milk drink.
    • Fairgrounds – a deep-fried cream cake.