Ethos Vapors

Founded in 2014, Ethos Vapors is a brand that has a long-standing rapport here at Crescent City Vape. The three flavors that we feature here, the Original, Strawberry, and Blueberry are always big hits here at the shops. The OG rice crispy treat is a sweet marshmallow with crunchy bits of cereal that taste just like the homemade treats of your childhood. Strawberry rice crispy treats has a similar marshmallow balance to the blend but also with refreshing juicy strawberries. Adding a bit of a twist to the rice crispy treat line, Ethos also features a blueberry rice crispy that has mouth watering blueberries on the inhale and a sweet marshmallow undertone on the exhale.



Ethos conveniently packages their juice in 60 mL bottles which are available here for just $24.99. Their juices are available in 0, 3, & 6 mg of nicotine and feature the following flavors:

  • Original Rice Crispy Treats
  • Strawberry Rice Crispy Treats
  • Blueberry Rice Crispy Treats