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A tank is the cylindrical plastic or glass part of an e-cigarette where the e-liquid is stored and heated. It’s usually attached to a lithium-ion battery via either an eGo-threaded (wider) or 510-threaded (narrower) connection. Two common types of tanks are clearomizers, which are the most common, and rebuildable tank atomizers, which are more advanced and generally produce more vapor and flavor.

At Crescent City Vape, we have a huge selection of e-cigarette tanks and clearomizers from brands like Kanger, Aspire, Exotiq and more. Stop by our shop at 4507 Magazine Street in Uptown New Orleans, and our friendly and knowledgeable staff can help you find the best tank based on your vaping preferences and equipment.

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Information & Resources on E-Cigarette Tanks & Clearomizers

How Does an E-Cigarette Tank Work?

The tank itself is the container that holds your e-liquid safely sealed off. Inside the tank is an atomizer that consists of a wick (usually silica or cotton) wrapped with a metal coil. The wick absorbs the e-liquid, and together they are heated by the coil, which vaporizes the e-liquid for inhalation. The atomizer itself is in a contained area, with small openings that allow e-juice to enter and soak into the wick. E-liquid should enter the atomizer area only through the wick, but sometimes tanks allow leaking; some are more prone to it than others. If your tank is working properly, you should only inhale vapor and not get any of the e-liquid itself into your mouth. If your tank is leaking, please feel free to bring it by Crescent City Vape, and we’d be happy to take a look – whether you purchased it from us or not.

The Clearomizer

By far the most popular type of tank on the market today is the clearomizer, a transparent cartridge-atomizer combination. This term includes a huge number of different tanks, from the simplest disposables to more sophisticated and larger tanks.

  • Disposable Clearomizers
    A disposable clearomizer is a tank that you simply throw away when the atomizer is no longer working. The coil, wick, and tank are all premade and cannot be replaced. You know the atomizer is finished when the e-cigarette starts to produce less vapor, is clogged and therefore difficult to take a draw from, or the taste is affected. A disposable clearomizer will almost always produce less flavor and vapor than a tank with a replaceable atomizer, and they are less cost-effective in the long run.
  • Tanks With Replaceable Atomizer Heads
    These are tanks that allow you to replace the atomizer. Atomizer heads, also known simply as “coils,” can last anywhere from a few days to a couple weeks, depending on the type of tank and type of coil you buy. For someone starting to use e-cigs, tanks with replaceable atomizer heads are generally the most convenient and cost-effective, and with a great quality of vape.

What Are the Major Factors to Consider When Choosing a Clearomizer?

  • Which atomizer heads are compatible with my tank?
    Put simply, some brands only produce coils specifically for their own tanks, so the brand of tank you buy will determine your options for coils. For instance, if you purchase a Kanger tank, you must purchase Kanger coils.
  • Single or Dual Coil?
    While the atomizer heads you buy to replace finished ones are often called “coils,” the atomizer head itself actually includes the coil. An atomizer can have either a single or dual coil. Certain tanks allow only single or dual coils, while some tanks allow both. Single coils produce less heat, and therefore less vapor and flavor, and dual coils produce more vapor and flavor, but go through e-liquid more quickly.
  • What resistance of coils can I buy for my tank?
    The resistance of your atomizer head, measured in ohms, is the second important factor to consider when choosing coils. Certain tanks are compatible only with certain resistance levels of coils. The general rule is that the lower the resistance, the higher the vapor and flavor production, but the shorter the life. Resistance levels for premade atomizers generally range from 1.0 ohm to 2.5 ohms, although Kanger recently released 0.8 ohm resistance coils.To get a little technical, higher resistance means the wire is longer and/or thinner, so there is more resistance for the electric current as it travels, which means it heats up more slowly. In the case of premade coils, the wire is lengthened by including more wraps (or loops). Taking a long draw on a high-resistance coil will produce the same heat as a low-resistance coil, but will simply require more time. Many devices do not allow long draws, often cutting off power after 10 seconds.
  • Pyrex Glass or Polycarbonate Plastic?
    There is no flavor or vapor difference between glass or plastic tanks. Certain types of e-juice will crack plastic tanks over time, which is both inconvenient and potentially unsafe if the e-liquid comes in contact with your skin. Some common tank-crackers are citrus and mint e-liquids.
  • Size
    There are atomizers in many sizes. The most common size is the same width as an eGo-style battery, which gives your device a more seamless look. There are atomizers like the Kanger Aerotank, which are not quite as wide as a 22mm mod, or like the Aspire Nautilus, which is slightly larger than 22mm with its bulbous glass tank.
  • Bottom or Top Wicking
    Most clearomizers originally wicked up e-juice from the top of the tank. Then the bottom-coil came onto the scene, which allows the juice to continually flow into the atomizer area so you can vape consistently until the tank is fully out of juice. Generally, bottom wicking is recognized as a superior vaping experience, but some users prefer the flavor from top-wicking tanks.
  • Tightness of Draw
    The tightness of your draw refers to how hard you need to inhale in order to get vapor out of your device. For example, the Innokin iClear 16D has a very tight draw, but excellent flavor. If the tightness of draw is the only factor being changed, a tighter draw produces increased flavor, because it generally means that the vapor is more concentrated when it hits your tongue. But there are many factors, and often a looser draw produces a better experience of the flavor.
  • Airflow Control
    Some tanks allow you to control the amount of airflow that your tank receives, from completely open to partially closed, depending on your vapor and flavor preferences. Airflow is easily changed, so you can even modify your airflow from one puff to the next.
  • What Threading Does My Mod Use?
    The threading is the way you screw your tank onto your mod. Many mods are compatible with both eGo and 510 threading, while certain mods only allow one or the other. Before purchasing, make sure to check that your mod and your tank use a compatible type of threading.

Rebuildable Tank Atomizers

  • What Is a Rebuildable Tank Atomizer (RTA)?
    Rebuildable Tank Atomizers are the same theoretical design as a clearomizer, except that instead of buying them premade, you rebuild the atomizer heads yourself. Probably the most common type of RTA is the Kayfun. Because RTAs are significantly more expensive, many other companies create less expensive replicas of the originals, also known as “clones.”
  • Why Do Vapers Choose to Build Their Own Atomizers?
    Vapers move into rebuilding their own atomizers because it produces a much richer flavor, increased vapor, and an overall more customizable experience. Some vapers build their own coils, buying cotton or silica and kanthal wire, which makes vaping less expensive in the long run.
  • Is Rebuilding Right for Me?
    While rebuilding your atomizers can be intimidating, it is quite easy once you get the hang of it, and most vapers who take the plunge never look back. But many consider premade atomizer heads to be much more convenient, and if that’s your preference, some larger tanks such as the Aerotank or the Nautilus can produce excellent flavor and vapor experiences.
  • What Should I Learn to Get Into Rebuilding?
    While there is too much information to detail it all here, if you want to get into rebuilding, the basics you need to research are: Ohm’s law, battery amperage limits, and mod safety.

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