Taffy Isn’t Just For the Seashore Anymore

The rich, almost-but-not-exactly-cream texture, the chewy but not-too-chewy feel, the salt amplifying the fruity dollop flavor blast. This is salt water taffy, in two different juicy delicious flavors, just like you’ll find at a boardwalk vendor. Only…something is different. This isn’t food, there aren’t any calories.

The same team that brings you Praxis Potions has released this themed line based on that classic dollop of salt-water laffy taffy in three delicious fruity flavors. Whether your taste is more for pure grape candy, watermelon strawberry or blue raspberry, this juice captures the almost-creamy, slightly sour, delicious tang of taffy combined with your favorite fruit. Vape taffy guilt-free. Indulge in fruity, taffy vape goodness.

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Taffyman flavors are 80/20 VG/PG and are available in 0, 3 and 6 mg/mL of nicotine. Taffyman comes in a 30mL bottle in three tantalizing flavors:

  • GR8 APE. Taffyman is the perfect recreation of an exquisitely balanced saltwater taffy blended with a luscious grape. Enjoy a massive slab of Grape Taffy without the guilt!
  • H20 BRY. Taffyman took their saltwater taffy game to the next level with juicy strawberry watermelon perfection. A fine balance, not too sweet, wonderfully tart and with a little taffy cream note. All day vape, for sure!
  • TR4 BLU. Blueberry and raspberry collide in a match made in heaven—the perfect fruity contrast to the tangy, salty, creamy goodness of taffy.