At Crescent City Vape we carry the Naked classic ejuice line featuring their five iconic fruit blends: Lava Flow, Hawaiian Pog, Green Blast, and Really Berry. The lava flow is a subtle blend of pineapple mixed with strawberries and coconut. The sweetness of the strawberries balanced with subtle notes of coconut pairs perfectly with the sharp citrus of the pineapple. Hawaiian Pog, a blend of orange, guava, and passion fruit is a delightfully sweet combination of exotic fruits. Green Blast is a blend of green apple, kiwi, and honeydew melon; definitely geared towards someone looking for something not too intense yet pleasantly refreshing. On the sweeter end of this line, the Really Berry is a unique lemonade flavor with a rush of sweet blueberry and raspberry.

In addition to the classic flavors, we also feature Naked’s select blend of candies and creams. Naked’s Berry Belts is a sweet and sour raspberry belt with subtle hints of lime perfect to satisfy any candy craving. A new addition to our shop, one of Naked’s cream flavors, Go Nanas is a rich cream topped with freshly sliced bananas. We also feature the Naked Unicorn which is a sweet condensed milk with fresh strawberries. To top off our collection of Naked cream flavors we also have in high demand, Azul Berry, a Blueberry and Raspberry greek yogurt blend.

Of the Naked menthol selection, we carry brain freeze, a strawberry-kiwi pomegranate, and frostbite, a pineapple-honeydew melon blend with rich cantaloupe. The third selection is called Very Cool, a blueberry and raspberry with subtle hints of blackberry in addition to the menthol. As part of our dedication to stock a full variety of juice types, Crescent City Vape also stocks the Lava Flow, Really Berry, Brain Freeze, Frostbite, as well as American Patriots a premium tobacco blend as part of our salt nicotine collection.


Naked features their e-juice line in 60 mL bottles for just $24.99 and is available in 0, 3, 6, and 12 mg of nicotine. Additional salt nicotine options are available in 30 mL bottles for $24.99 and are available in 50 mg of nicotine.