Coil Vapes

Coil Vapes’ e-juice line comes conveniently packaged in 60 mL bottles for $24.99 and are available in 0, 3, 6. & 12 mg of nicotine. The following flavors include:

  • Grasshopper – Spearmint snowball drizzled with condensed milk.
  • Dat Won – a rich tobacco with warm hints of vanilla.

Founded locally right here in the heart of New Orleans, Coil Vapes has served the local vaping scene since 2014. Out of their line, Crescent City Vape features two of their most popular flavors, Dat Won and Grasshopper. If you are in for a rich tobacco blend, Dat Won has a hearty tobacco kick with warm hints of vanilla to add a bit of smooth balance to the blend. Grasshopper, on the contrary, is a spearmint snowball drizzled with condensed milk, just like the world famous snowballs you can find here in town at Hansen’s Bliz. Great for any occasion, these flavors by Coil Vapes are exactly reminiscent of how we do flavor here in Nola. Who dat!